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Doctor of Ministry


Core Requirements

The Doctor of Ministry degree requires the completion of ten (10) courses. Five (5) of the courses are required and the other five will be in your area of Focus:



PS 701 Biblical Theology of Ministry

3 Hours

An in-depth look at those principles found in scripture which provide the foundation for a theology of ministry.


PS 710 Art of Transforming Text into Sermon

3 Hours

An investigation of the process through which a text moves from the pages of scripture into the lives of God’s people. Students will sharpen their skills in the science of biblical interpretation and strengthen their ability to develop sermons built upon sound exegetical observations which also interest and challenge the hearers.



PS 720 Disciplines That Revitalize the Pastor

3 Hours

An experiential course that immerses the student in the spiritual disciplines practiced by Christians through the centuries. This course will provide guidance as the student practices each of the disciplines, reflects on personal transformation, and invites members of the congregation to experience their own renovation of the heart.



PS 730 Creating a Global Vision in the Local Church

3 Hours

A module designed to help the local church see beyond its own community and develop a global perspective of God’s activity. This course covers culturally sensitive strategies for members to become involved with believers from other parts of the world through tactical support and enrichment projects as well as short-term mission trips.



PS 740 Professional Doctoral Project

3 Hours

A summative project which allows the student three (3) options from which to choose: 1) the development of a program to eliminate a personal weakness in pastoral leadership, 2) the teaching of a leadership course in a structured setting, or 3) the production of a publishable quality book. The Professional Doctoral Project will require approximately two hundred fifty (250) clock hours to complete, resulting in a product of one hundred fifty (150) pages.



Focus Requirements

The student will build the remainder of his/her degree program around one (1) of three (3) options: Preaching, Pastoral Leadership, or Urban Ministry.


  • The Preaching option offers the following courses:

    PS 800 Preaching the Literary Genres of Scripture
    PS 805 Biographical Preaching
    PS 810 Crafting Illustrations and Applications
    PS 815 Preaching through a Book of the Bible
    PS 820 Great Preachers and Their Messages

    An examination of preaching that structures the sermon according to the particular literary form employed in the biblical passage. This course will examine the characteristics of various genres (law, narrative, wisdom, prophecy, gospel, parable and epistle), principles for interpreting each genre, guidelines for using the genre in a sermon, and suggestions for appropriate applications to contemporary faith and practice.


  • The Leadership option offers the following courses:

    PS 830 Pastor as Spiritual Guide
    PS 835 Revitalizing the Stagnant Church
    PS 840 Identifying and Developing Leaders in the Local Church
    PS 845 Strategies for Long-term Ministry Effectiveness
    PS 850 Pastoral Leadership in the Culturally Engaged Church
  • The Urban Ministry option offers the following courses:

    PS 860 Foundations of Urban Ministry
    PS 865 Preaching to the Contemporary Listener
    PS 870 Urban Church Leadership and Management
    PS 875 Issues Confronting the Urban Pastor
    PS 880 World Religions in the City

Students who wish to strengthen their ministry by taking courses from all three (3) options may do so by petitioning the Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program.


Focus Requirements

15 Hours


30 Total Hours



Key Deadlines

for Academics

Monday, 01/01/2018
Campus Closed-New Year’s Day
Friday, 01/05/2018
Late Registration for D. Min Term 2A begins and deadline for withdrawal from Term 2A
Monday, 01/08/2018
First day for Spring Residential and DL1
Friday, 01/12/2018
Last day to add a class for Spring Residential or DL1
Monday, 01/15/2018
Campus Closed-Martin Luther King Day
Friday, 02/09/2018
Last day to withdraw from Spring DL 1 with a “W”
Monday, 02/26 and Tuesday 02/27/2018
Spring Residential Mid-Terms
Monday, 02/26 through  03/04/2018
Spring DL1 Exams
Sunday, 03/04/2018
Last day for DL 1
    Monday, 03/05/2018
    First day for Spring DL 2

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