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Disability Support Services

Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary complies with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act with recent amendments though the Office of Student Affairs. The following statement outlines a six-step procedure developed by the institution to accommodate persons with disabilities.


  1. It is the student’s responsibility, after being informed of admission, to inform the institution through the Office of Student Affairs of his or her disability and of the need for accommodation. Students should disclose the need for disability support as soon as possible so that the institution can make necessary arrangements to best accommodate the student. No less than four weeks notification, as a minimum, requested.

  2. A student having a disability requiring accommodation must provide the institution with current and relevant documentation from a specialist certified to diagnose the particular disability. Acceptable sources of documentation for substantiating a student’s disability and request for particular accommodations can take a variety of forms.

    1. Primary Documentation: This is the student’s self-report made either in writing or verbally as to how he or she may be limited by their impairment.

    2. Secondary Documentation: This is the student’s interaction with and observations of a higher educational professional during interviews and conversation with the student during a personal interview.

    3. Tertiary Documentation: The student will be asked to provide external sources to assist the institution in better understanding his or her need. This may include educational or medical records, reports, and assessments. Tertiary documentation may vary by student depending upon his or her unique needs

  3. Documentation requirements vary by situation. A representative from The Student Affairs Office will talk to the student about documentation during the initial conversation. It is the student’s responsibility to contact The Student Affairs Office to seek accommodations. No student should delay this meeting out of concern for not having appropriate paperwork. Required documentation must be submitted to The Student Affairs Office prior to the first class for which the student is requesting accommodation and will become part of the student’s permanent file.

  4. The Student Affairs Office, in consultation with the Registrar and Vice President of Academic Affairs, faculty members and student, will determine reasonable accommodation in each student’s particular case and for each class. Once determined and agreed upon, The Student Affairs Office will write out a Disability Accommodation Plan (DAP) for dissemination to appropriate parties.

  5. Students on a DAP are asked to contact The Office of Student Affairs in writing prior to the beginning of each semester to make sure his or her DAP is shared with relevant faculty member(s) for each particular class. Further, on the first day of any given class, the student must also notify his or her professor that a disability exists which will require accommodation.

  6. The faculty member(s) may request that Student Life Services provide a copy of the documentation describing the disability.

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Key Deadlines

for Current Students

Monday, 01/01/2018
Campus Closed-New Year’s Day
Friday, 01/05/2018
Late Registration for D. Min Term 2A begins and deadline for withdrawal from Term 2A
Monday, 01/08/2018
First day for Spring Residential and DL1
Friday, 01/12/2018
Last day to add a class for Spring Residential or DL1
Monday, 01/15/2018
Campus Closed-Martin Luther King Day
Friday, 02/09/2018
Last day to withdraw from Spring DL 1 with a “W”
Monday, 02/26 and Tuesday 02/27/2018
Spring Residential Mid-Terms
Monday, 02/26 through  03/04/2018
Spring DL1 Exams
Sunday, 03/04/2018
Last day for DL 1
    Monday, 03/05/2018
    First day for Spring DL 2

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