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Faculty Openings

For inquiries on full-time or part-time faculty opportunities please contact Dr. Eddie Grigg, President.


Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary
Attn: Dr. Eddie Grigg
P.O. Box 790106
Charlotte, NC 28206

Phone: 704-334-6882
Fax: 704-334-6885


Note that any faculty or adjunct faculty being considered by the institution for employment must complete the steps listed below. We consider these steps as the starting point for serious candidates.

  • Must be academically and technologically qualified.
  • Must have a love for teaching students.
  • Must be able to teach (require a video or DVD of the person in a teaching activity – viewed by the department head and the VPAA).
  • Must be theologically sound and be spiritually, emotionally, and mentally stable.
  • Must believe, accept, and not teach contrary to the Doctrinal Statement.
  • Must believe in and work to fulfill the Mission and Philosophy Statement of CCCTS.
  • Must consent to and undergo a background check.
  • Must provide three references consisting of name, address, and email (to be verified by the VPAA).
  • Must agree with and sign the Code of Conduct.
  • Must read, accept, and agree to fulfill the Job Description (Main Office).
  • Must participate in New Faculty Orientation.
  • Must complete a “Hire Packet”.





Office of Admissions

George Shears III

Director of Admissions

PO Box 790106

Charlotte, NC 28206-7901

Phone: 704-334-6882 (x115)

Fax: 704-334-6885

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