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PS 800 Preaching the Literary Genres of Scripture (3 credit hours)

An examination of preaching that structures the sermon according to the particular literary form employed in the biblical passage. This course will examine the characteristics of various genres (law, narrative, wisdom, prophecy, gospel, parable and epistle), principles for interpreting each genre, guidelines for using the genre in a sermon, and suggestions for appropriate applications to contemporary faith and practice.


PS 805 Biographical Preaching (3 credit hours)

A course that investigates a variety of preaching methods for making the characters of the Bible live for congregations removed from those characters by time, geography and culture. Students will have the opportunity to introduce a new friend to fellow worshipers over several weeks.


PS 810 Crafting Illustrations and Applications (3 credit hours)

An investigation into the transforming power of illustration and application. This course will provide strategies and resources for a lifetime of preaching that connects with audiences in ways that can be used by the Holy Spirit to change lives.


PS 815 Preaching through a Book of the Bible (3 credit hours)

An exploration of the value of expository preaching which introduces the congregation to the spiritual riches of an entire book of the Bible. In addition to methods for grasping the message of the book as a whole, students will learn to unpack its smaller sections in light of the book’s purposes. Strategies for maintaining long-term congregational interest will also be developed.


PS 820 Great Preachers and Their Messages (3 credit hours)

An opportunity to learn from the giants of the pulpit throughout church history, especially the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This course introduces the lives, ministries and sermons of great preachers who impacted the world in which they ministered. Students will be challenged to learn the principles that characterized great preachers and apply them to their own journeys toward pulpit excellence.



Key Deadlines for Academics

Monday, 03/05/18, first day of DL 2 classes

Friday, 03/09/18, Last day to add a class for DL 2

 Monday, 03/12/18, Open Registration for summer and fall 2018 begins.
Friday, 03/23/18, Last day to withdraw from spring residential with a “W”
Friday, 03/30/18, Campus closed-Good Friday
Friday, 04/06/18, Last day to withdraw from DL 2 with a “W”
Monday, 04/09/18, Late registration begins
04/23/18 through 04/29/18, DL2 exams
04/23/18 and 04/24/18, last days of residential classes
04/29/18, last day of DL2 classes
05/07/18, first day of summer residential and DL1 classes.
05/10/18, Awards Banquet
05/11/18, Last day to add a class for summer residential or DL 1.
05/12/18, Graduation

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