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Scholarly Journals vs Popular Magazines

Calvin Theological Journal


Scholarly Journals

Calvin Theological Journal






Content: In-depth articles of original research, very specific in focus, uses jargon of the discipline


Audience: Researchers, professors, and students in discipline


Author: Author mentions his/her credentials in the article, usually an expert in the field of study


Layout: Rigid format of article-usually including an abstract, literature review, methodology, results, conclusion, bibliography


Objectivity: Articles are generally peer-reviewed (or refereed), content must be approved by editorial board of credentialed experts in the field


Appearance: Printed on plain paper, little to no advertisements 


TIME Magazine


Popular Magazines

Time Magazine







Content: Articles are of general interest, may include personal opinions, comments upon the research of others, written with vocabulary that can be broadly understood


Audience: Lay persons and non-experts


Author: Author’s credentials may not identify his/her credentials, written by journalists rather than experts in the field


Layout: Lack of standard format for articles, may not offer supporting evidence or conclusion


Objectivity: Content is edited by non-experts, editorial board is mentioned but not as prominently as in scholarly journals


Appearance: Printing on glossy paper, many graphics and advertisements

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