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Understanding Library Call Numbers

The Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary library uses the Library of Congress classification system like most college and research libraries. This classification system determines how books are organized on the shelf and categorizes them according to predetermined subject headings. When you open a catalog record, you will find the call number listed below the title of the book. This number is also printed on the spine label.


Book Record in Catalog

Book Records in Catalog


Spine Label on Book

Spine Label on Book


The call number in the catalog is written from left to right on the catalog record and from top to bottom on the spine label. When you are looking for a book, be certain to write down the entire call number and the collection.


How to Read Call Numbers

Read Call Numbers


The Components of a Call Number

Components of a Call Number


Learn More About the Library of Congress Classification System

Because the call numbers are based on standard subject headings, you should be able to find similar books by browsing the area around a book. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION


Book Labels


Locating the Books on the Shelf

Locating Books


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